Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs

The friendly nature and high level of energy of dachshunds, along with their compact, transportable size, make them up for almost any trip. They like outdoor pursuits like hiking since they are members of the hound species and may satisfy their innate love of scent-following. Like his namesake Robinson Crusoe, one Dachshund named Crusoe is such an adventure junkie that he was able to secure a book deal that chronicles all of his travels. Online resources include the New York Times Bestselling book “Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of The Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” and videos of him enjoying nature, such as the fishing excursion below.

Are dachshunds the ideal breed of dog?

There is no disputing that the breed is one of the best, regardless of whether you name them dachshunds, doxies, or weiner dogs. They are smaller, longer, shorter, and cuter than a creature that can cause so much problems could possibly be. But dachshunds are simply the best breed of dog, problems or not.

Do dachshunds love other dogs?

Dachshunds are loving canines who will reciprocate your love for them. They have large hearts despite having little bodies. They make wonderful friends, adore cuddling, and are always delighted to see you when you enter the house. They are emotionally perceptive and sympathetic, so they will always be there for you if you need them.

There you have it, then. The humorous characteristics and distinctive personality of dachshunds make people adore them. Dachshunds are the BEST canines and will quickly integrate into your family. Once you’ve owned one, you’ll be a lifelong fan of the breed.

What do dachshunds excel in?

Dachshunds are scent hound dogs that were bred to hunt rabbits, foxes, badgers, and other creatures that burrow. Even packs of Dachshunds were used by hunters to pursue wild pigs. Today, because of their adaptability, they make great family pets, show dogs, and small-game hunters.

But don’t be duped by this pup. This breed of dog may only be “half a dog high and a dog and a half long,” in the words of the great literary critic and funny writer H. L. Mencken, “but this teeny, drop-eared dog is hardy enough to take on a badger.” They actually obtained their moniker in this way (Dachs meaning badger; hund meaning dog).

But you might be more familiar with them by one of their various monikers, which range from Wiener Dog to Sausage Dog to Doxie and more. This might be the breed for you if you’re searching for a tiny dog that will keep you on your toes and show you lots of love. If you can, choose adoption!

It’s crucial to keep in mind that dogs of any breed may experience health problems at any time in their lives. With the right pet insurance, you can be ready to provide your dog with the care they require at any age.

Are dachshunds better as boys or as girls?

Because they are friendlier, male Dachshunds get along with other animals better than female Dachshunds. Female Dachshunds may become possessive and unwilling to share with their chosen person. Additionally, female Dachshunds typically do not get along with other females. So a boy is a better option if you already have one girl.

When properly socialized, male Dachshunds normally get along well with other dogs and can occasionally get along with cats. A male Dachshund could be too bouncy or annoying for cats. Male Dachshunds will play nicely and keep each other company.

Do miniature dachshunds possess intelligence?

You’ve made a wise choice if you intend to bring a Dachshund home. These German dog breeds are sociable, loving, and slightly spunky. However, prospective owners might be curious about the level of intelligence these tiny badger dogs actually possess.

According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, dachshunds are averagely bright canines. The breed really ranks 92nd among working and obedience dog breeds in terms of intelligence. But their stubbornness is partly to blame for their low ranking. Dachshunds have a high innate IQ because they instinctively chase badgers (a special type of dog intelligence).

Despite being regarded as having “average dog intelligence,” dachshunds are far brighter than most people realize for a variety of reasons. Dogs tend to perform well in some areas of intellect while struggling in others.

What makes dachshunds so devoted?

Dachshunds are highly devoted and affectionate canines. They are fantastic family watchdogs because they take their responsibilities as the pack’s protector and guardian very seriously. Dachshunds may develop a strong attachment to one person in particular, following them around like a shadow and going to great lengths to defend them.

Your dachshund is attached to you for the following reasons:

Your dachshund spends a lot of time with you

If you spend the majority of your time with your dachshund, it makes sense that you two would get close. He will become accustomed to you being there and paying attention to him if you work from home or spend a lot of time around the house. As a result, he will remain with you more and more.

You ‘rescued’ your dachshund

When someone adopts a rescue puppy, they often develop some of the strongest ties with their dachshund. If you spend your time giving him the love, security, and happiness he needs after leaving a terrible home, you’ll quickly surpass everyone else in his life and he’ll probably want to be with you all the time. Just be sure you establish the boundaries right away because you might need to retrain him to live according to them.

You were your dachshund’s main companion as a puppy

In the first six months of his life, your dachshund is most likely to form the relationships that will last the longest. His experiences throughout this period will influence his behavior and how he responds to other family members, strangers, and animals.

Your dachshund is likely to become the closest to you if you live alone. Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever to socialize him and accustom him to friends and relatives.

You’re the one who feeds your dachshund

Never undervalue the influence of food while dealing with dachshunds! These gregarious little sausage dogs will eat from anyone, but if it’s you who feeds him, he’ll stay by your side like glue. As a result, if you train and feed your dachshund, he will realize that you are the one to please and will obey your directions.

You give your dachshund lots of treats

Although extremely bright, dachshunds are also quite greedy canines. They are therefore intelligent enough to understand where their allegiances should be if you frequently offer them snacks or smuggle food beneath the dinner table. You’ll become a crowd favorite through food!

You play with your dachshund

The best fun is had playing with dachshunds since they are so amusing. Just keep in mind to complete everything at your own pace. He can grow overly connected to you if your dachshund always determines when it’s time to play and you’re always getting up to retrieve toys or go outside. Play is wonderful, but engaging in too much of it by yourself can occasionally be detrimental. It’s ideal to involve the entire family so he can connect with everyone.

Your dachshund sleeps close to you

Dogs sleep in packs in the wild to ensure that everyone is secure. Your dachshund will likely feel safe around you and believe you are a part of the same group if you sleep close to him. Due to separation anxiety and in case he is startled while sleeping and tries to leap out of your bed, it is preferable for your dachshund to sleep in his own bed rather than sharing yours.

You give your dachshund lots of physical affection

Hugs, belly rubs, and ear tickles are all expressions of love for dachshunds. He’ll probably grow quite connected to you if you fuss over him a lot, and he might even start coming to you for attention. Giving your dachshund lots of affection is acceptable, but you must be very careful that you only do it on your terms. If you don’t, his attention-seeking behavior may develop into a problem, leading him to chew objects or bark nonstop.

There’s just something your dachshund loves about you!

Dachshunds occasionally just have favorite things. He follows you and choose you for cuddles because you make him feel content and secure.


The name Dachshund translates to “Badger Dog” in German. Dach denotes a badger, “Hund refers to a dog. The miniature Dachshund was created to hunt hare and is the smallest of all hunting breeds. Due to their lengthy tails, they are frequently referred to as “sausage dogs” or “wiener dogs.” “the shape of a sausage.


Don’t be deceived by the adorable “feed me eyes” of Dachshunds; they are prone to obesity and can gain weight quickly. When I ask for their food, Mitzi and Heidi will simply sit and look at me as if to beg, “Mum, please.” after only having their breakfast for a short while. It doesn’t imply they should appear like a sausage dog just because people might call them one!


Dachshunds are very gregarious and enjoy being the center of attention. They get along well with dogs of all breeds—a Labrador is their best friend—but they also genuinely recognize and show respect for their own breed. We go on walks with about 50 other Dachshunds every week with a few different Dachshund clubs that we are a part of. My two instantly form a huge pack with the others and start getting into tons of trouble! The others will suddenly begin barking and running to investigate once the first dog starts barking. They typically take a quick glance around before trotting off, beaming with pride.


Since they are hunters, it should come as no surprise that many of them will like digging up your flowerbeds or helping to make a hole in the sand at the beach, but Dachshunds are fiercely protective of their toys. All of my friends who own Dachshunds agree that Mitzi and Heidi are the top toy scavengers. In our home, no noisy stuffed animal has ever survived longer than five minutes before ending up on the floor in a jumble of parts. Naturally, Heidi and Mitzi appear to be very happy about this.


Due to their long body and short legs, this breed is susceptible to slipped discs, yet the majority of Dachshunds enjoy long, fulfilling lives. The illness known as IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) affects some other long-backed breeds in addition to dachshunds. The danger of IVDD can be decreased by keeping them lean, not fat, waiting until they are fully mature before neutering them, and supporting their backs while picking them up.


Dachshunds are more physically capable than you would realize. Don’t be surprised if these dogs are still going when all you want to do is sit down and have a coffee because they were bred to cover a lot of ground while sniffing out tiny animals. Mitzi and Heidi and I often walk 5 to 10 miles on the weekends, and they don’t seem to mind at all. They constantly wag their small tails and enjoy exploring.


Although I wouldn’t say that Dachshunds are difficult to teach, they are extremely intelligent, independent, and stubborn. They also like things done their way. The secret, in my experience, is to comprehend what motivates them. Heidi will do anything for food (particularly cheese!) and Mitzi will do anything for her noisy ball. If you are persistent and patient, you’ll have a perfectly trained Dachshund that will look up to you.


First of all, who like the rain? If we were being completely honest, we would prefer to be warm and dry inside. The same holds true with dachshunds. Like all dogs, they are sensitive to their owners’ emotions. Be ready to encounter some opposition at first, but if you take them for a stroll in any condition, that will show them that you won’t put up with their resistance and change the situation into a good one. They will feel more at ease around water if baths are introduced early. When we go for walks, Mitzi and Heidi don’t mind paddling in streams, and when we go to the beach for our summer vacation, they like cooling themselves in the water.

Do any of the aforementioned facts or dog-related myths apply to your Dachshund? Please share your stories in the space provided below.

What your Dachshund ownership implies about you?

Dachshunds are courageous and obstinate, and they frequently act invincible. Dachshund owners will not give up until they achieve their goals. Dachshund owners enjoy gardening and, like their canine companions, enjoy digging up stuff. They frequently despise not getting their own way and can occasionally be bossy.

What makes dachshunds so cute?

The adorableness of dachshunds is well acknowledged. Have you ever considered why, though? Well, sometimes it’s just impossible to describe. They are simply adorable, that’s all! But let’s pause and consider the question for the time being.

Why are dachshunds so adorable? Why are they so beloved by so many people? Let’s explore these issues in depth and talk about what makes dachshunds so adorable.

They Look Absolutely Adorable Dressed Up

Among the most distinctive dog breeds are dachshunds. Unless you’re gazing at a dachshund, you rarely see a short dog with large ears, a small head, and a lengthy body. A dachshund is without a doubt one of the prettiest and most distinctive looking animals. If you own a dachshund, you are aware of how adorable it is to dress one up as a hotdog. any outfit, even!

In addition to looking adorable in them, dachshunds are very cooperative when it comes to getting dressed. So it’s not uncommon to see dachshunds proudly displaying their costumes in public or on the Internet.

They Have Adorable Personalities

Dachshunds have a sweet, endearing demeanor that goes well with their attractive appearance. They are renowned for being joyful and playful dogs. In addition, while being intelligent canines, they occasionally exhibit airheaded behavior that is both humorous and lovable. Your face would light up just by gazing at your dachshund.

Dachshunds are notorious for turning practically everything into a game because to their lively nature. They will play with your shoes, drapes, a toy ball, your vacuum, your vacuum cleaner, and even their tails.

The fact that dachshunds behave like large dogs is one of their nicest characteristics. Dachshunds are fearless canines despite being a petite and short breed. They would even be hostile against scary strangers and would not hesitate to battle larger canines. They make excellent watchdogs around children due to their innate protectiveness.

They Are Always Up For a Good Time With High Energy Levels!

Historically speaking, dachshunds were actually utilized as hunting dogs to pursue badgers and rabbits. They are able to dive into rabbit or badger tunnels with ease due to their lengthy bodies and tiny heights. Given this, it is understandable why dachshunds are active.

Your dachshund will be running, leaping, playing, and walking all over the place. Additionally, their energy may spread quickly. After a long day at work, Dachshund owners know they can always rely on their dogs to give them a boost of energy.

They Make Amazing Travel Buddies

Dachshunds are a petite breed that are simple to transport wherever you go. They can be taken on a road trip or for a stroll in the park. Even when you go surfing or fishing, you can bring them along! They are a great traveling companion because they enjoy exploring and having fun in new locations.

They are Extremely Loyal

What else makes dachshunds so adorable? You might not expect a little dog to be loyal to its owners, but they are. You’ve probably heard heartwarming tales about the tenacity of dachshunds. They are constantly available to assist and defend their masters or owners. Even giving up their lives to protect their loved ones is something they are willing to do.

One famous incident that you may not be familiar with involves Leo the dachshund, who rescued a young girl from a larger dog. The incident took place in Serbia. Sadly, the dachshund passed away, but thankfully the 10-year-old girl was spared. Leo was memorialized with the construction of a statue. In Serbia, his bronze statue is seen sitting in the middle of a playground for kids.

Too Cute To Describe

You have it now! That’s the finest way to sum up how adorable dachshunds are. Of course, you could have your own justifications, and I’m confident you could add to this list. There simply isn’t a word that can adequately express such cuteness, even how much you and I may attempt to respond to our question for the day. I believe all it takes to understand why dachshunds are the cutest animals in the world is to spend time with one. What features do you like best about your dachshund? Comment below!