How To Wash Big Dogs

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The Backyard Bath Method

Put a leash on your huge dog or put a harness and leash on him. To get him clean, you’ll need a sturdy structure in your yard that you can tether him to. Only do this during the sweltering summer months to give him enough time to dry off without becoming too cold. Keep your dog tethered just while bathing him and never leave him chained up in the yard unattended.

As you give your large dog a hose bath, have some snacks on hand. Have your dog’s shampoo and brushes on hand and get ready in advance. When he is clean, you might also need one or two towels to dry him.

Start by rinsing with fresh water. Use the hose to thoroughly clean your dog’s skin, fur, and undercoat from top to bottom. Make sure you are using a low-pressure shower attachment or a hose without any attachments. When he is drenched, move aside so that he can shake off the extra water.

Wash your dog thoroughly from head to tail using the shampoo or dog wash you have available. You should be able to stand right next to him and bathe his back, sides, legs, tummy, and tail due to how big he is. Keep shampoo away from his face. Instead, clean this region with a cloth or your hands. As you wash him, be ready for him to shake a few times.

After thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing your big man, you’ll need to rinse him again with fresh flowing water from the hose. To remove the suds without overspraying you or your dog, hold the hose in close proximity to his skin. To ensure that the shampoo is well rinsed, you might need to work through heavy coatings with your fingertips.

Your large dog will likely shake once more once you have finished rinsing. Remain silent and let him finish. The most water will be removed from his fur using this method.

Dry off your giant companion with a towel as best you can before releasing him from the grip. He’ll probably pause and shake a few times to shake off the extra water.

The Dry Rub Method

Dry shampoos are available at pet supply stores, or you may prepare your own at home using cornstarch and baking soda. To enhance your dog’s aroma, combine cornstarch and baking soda with a few drops of an essential oil that is appropriate for dogs.

Prior to applying the dry rub to your dog’s coat, give it a thorough brushing. Before cleaning up your big guy, this brushing can get rid of any loose dirt and fur. While you are brushing, concentrate on removing tangles and knots as well.

After brushing your dog, apply the dry rub. You ought to have enough to completely cover his body. To prevent him from breathing in the dry ingredient mixture, avoid applying any near his face and use caution when dusting it over his head.

To apply the dry rub to your dog’s skin and into his fur, use your fingers. By absorbing oils and odors, the solution will improve his scent and permeate into his coat as a result of this.

Use a slicker brush to brush the dry rub through your dog’s coat after you’ve massaged it into the fur. Much of the dry components will come off during this brushing, but since they have been effective in getting rid of odor and oily dirt from your dog, you want to see them removed from the fur.

Take your dog outside to brush him if you aren’t already, as he will probably shake. Any extra powder that remains on the skin or fur will be helped to remove by this shaking.

Caution & Considerations

  • Always set up the shower or bath room for your huge dog before bringing it inside.
  • Before taking a bath, brush your big bud to remove knots and release tangles.
  • During his washing, your enormous dog will tremble a few times. You should be prepared to get wet while bathing him.
  • As your animal companion shakes the excess water out of his fur, having an additional towel on hand to hold up between you and him will help keep you dry.
  • After a thorough rinsing, he will shake like a dog to eliminate a lot of water. He will dry off faster with this than with just a towel.
  • You can thoroughly rinse your huge dog with a hose or handheld shower. Although cups and bowls work well for rinsing, they can’t carry enough water to swiftly rinse a large dog.
  • Make sure to thoroughly rinse your dog after using shampoo, as this could lead to dryness and irritation.
  • To prevent your wet dog from leaving before he is dry, shut the bathroom doors.
  • Consider using a leash that is tied to a solid surface to keep your big man in place while you bathe him outside.


It takes a lot of effort to bathe a huge dog. But with the aid of a shower your dog can fit in or a hose from your backyard, you can manage to clean your big guy at home. If you decide to take a bath outside, make sure it’s warm outside and be ready to get a little wet. If your large dog has to be cleaned right immediately but cannot be wet, he can also benefit from a dry bath. With a home bath, you can keep your best friend out of trouble and inside your home, smelling beautiful.

Grooming Success Stories

I began giving him baths when he was 6 months old, and at never point was he 30 pounds. He liked the warm water in my roll-in shower when I had a shower, and up until that point, he was always in the water outside. The bath durations are longer, spa sessions last for four hours, and the water cost is more, but this is wonderful now that I’ve had my Rapid bath for ten years and used it every day.