What Is The Dumbest Dogs Top 20

The following Top 20 Dumbest Dog Breeds list is based on a dog’s capacity to pick up new commands and comply with directives.

The dogs on this list may not be the best at obedience training, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be crafty and devious.

The majority of these dogs nonetheless possess distinctive talents that don’t support an interpretation of intelligence based on obedience.

Afghan Hound

According to The Intelligence of Dogs, the Afghan Hound is the dumbest dog breed, but Afghan enthusiasts undoubtedly disagree. Afghans were developed to hunt utilizing their exceptional speed and vision since they are sighthounds. Afghans, like many sighthounds, can be aloof, even a touch reserved and standoffish, especially around strangers. They may also be independent and stubborn. Afghans are difficult to train because of these characteristics, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid. Simply said, they favor independent thought and doing things their way. When training an Afghan, you might need to get a little more creative, but they make for unique companions thanks to their elegance, regal demeanor, and dedication to their owners.


Due to their independence and aloofness, sighthounds like the Basenji are among the stupidest canine breeds. This breed has been compared to cats, and many Basenjis will groom themselves in the manner of cats. Despite the fact that ease of training is not usually a reliable predictor of intelligence, the breed has developed a reputation for being “untrainable.” Contrarily, Basenjis are witty, inquisitive, and lively. They are intelligent enough to cause trouble if you don’t watch them attentively, just like curious babies. A Basenji’s upbringing might occasionally resemble taming a wild animal. They are cautious and watchful, and while they bond with their owners in most cases, they might or might not like your companions. Conclusion: Basenjis can be trained, but they are headstrong and not always obedient. Positive approaches work best.


The Bulldog is another type on the list of stupidest dog breeds that is renowned for its stubbornness. The phrase “bullheaded” perfectly describes the Bulldog. Because of this, bulldogs can be challenging to teach, but dumb? It only takes one of the well-known Bulldogs who excels at skateboarding or surfing to understand that they can learn. Bulldogs are sometimes associated with laziness, however some of them like more active pursuits than simply lounging around.

Chow Chow

Although they may have a cute teddy bear appearance, chow chows are not typically the most cuddly of dogs. Chows are somber, independent, and distant because they were originally intended to be guard dogs. They are among the stupidest dog breeds because they are strong-willed and headstrong, making them more challenging to train. Chows are bright; they merely have independent brains. Chows may challenge their humans for authority if they are improperly trained, which can be problematic. Because of these factors, Chows need intensive socializing beginning at a young age as well as tough but fair training. Chows are noble, obedient, and faithful friends when reared properly.


The Borzoi is an independent freethinker and another sighthound. Since this breed can also be stubborn, it makes the list of the dumbest dog breeds. Training a Borzoi requires patience. Instead of classes lasting an hour, frequent, brief training sessions tend to work best for borzois. They are typically quite well-behaved, serene, clean, and affectionate inside the home, especially with their special people.


You may be able to comprehend how a scenthound like the Bloodhound “sees the world with his sensitive nose” if you have ever seen the aurora borealis, the vibrant northern lights display that turns the night sky into a breathtaking sight to see. Because they are so distracted by the many wonderful scents that are just waiting to be discovered, bloodhounds rank among the dumbest canine breeds and are challenging to train. Additionally, they are extremely energetic, independent, and stubborn, and they pursue scent trails with unrelenting tenacity. When combined, the Bloodhound’s distinctive abilities can make these dogs difficult to live with, but put a Bloodhound in a tracking competition and see his unique qualities show.


Because they resemble sloths in several ways, Pekingese may be perceived as being fairly slow by some people. They like to lounge around the house and look over their territory. This may be a result of their physical makeup or be at least in part a legacy of their past as revered Tang Dynasty pets in eighth-century China. Because members of the Imperial household carried their beloved pets around snuggly curled in their voluminous sleeves, Pekingese were indeed known as “sleeve dogs.” Can you really blame the Peke for taking it easy? Additionally, Pekingese are resistant and challenging to housebreak. They are not stupid because of this, but it does present some training issues. Begin your workouts early and consistently.


Beagles enjoy following their noses, much like Bloodhounds, which can occasionally put them in trouble and place them on the list of dumbest dog breeds. The Beagle may give the impression that he is unintelligent due to his lovely, friendly attitude and upbeat perspective, yet this breed is everything but. Beagles should ideally be led at all times. They are driven by an insatiable want to discover, smell, and hunt for little animals.


The big, mellow Mastiff is a very relaxed dog. He’s actually so laid-back that you could think he’s a little dim. Additionally, they might be a little headstrong and harder to teach than some breeds. Once more, level of activity and ease of training are not always reliable measures of intellect. Mastiffs are intelligent animals. In order for Mastiffs to grow up to be well-behaved and discerning companions, owners must begin training and socializing early in the puppy stage due to their size and innate wariness of strangers.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds, like Pekingese, can be a little lethargic. They may have long, low bodies or laid-back personalities, which contribute to this. Like their scenthound cousins the Bloodhounds and the Beagles, Bassets can be a little stubborn and may find it difficult to focus on learning for lengthy periods of time if there are great odors all around them. Bassets do, however, react well to training since they have a strong desire to please their owners and are highly motivated by food. However, don’t mistake the Basset’s laid-back demeanor for a lack of intelligence. They are intelligent and devoted dogs.

The bottom line on the dumbest dog breeds

It’s unfair to categorize any breed or specific dog as being stupid. Yes, some dogs are smarter than others, but you just have to figure out what because most dogs are brilliant at something.

According to Dr. Dodman, some dogs are better at doing some things than others and exhibit distinct habits.

Because they are simple to train, German Shepherd Dog and Malinois breeds are frequently used as police and army dogs. Does that imply they’re intelligent? Or does the fact that they always go along with what others say and don’t think for themselves imply that they aren’t very smart? It is subject to both arguments.

Which dog breed is regarded as the most stupid?

According to Coren’s research on the IQ of dog breeds, mastiffs are among the least intelligent.

Mastiff dog owners are surprised that their breed tops the list of the stupidest dog breeds because they are known for their imposing size and charming disposition. How come?

Don’t worry if you have a Mastiff. Although they might not be capable of picking up on cues and responding to directions, they weren’t really bred for that sort of thing anyhow. Mastiff dogs have a long history and were developed to be formidable warriors in the past. Evidence of these magnificent dogs has been discovered all throughout the world, including Tibet, Greece, Egypt, and more.

Although the Mastiff was bred for hunting large animals, he never lost his “war-dog attraction to warriors who desired that four-legged ferocity defending them in combat.

Despite their fearsome heritage, Mastiff dogs nowadays are renowned for being loving, gentle, and loyal friends.

What are the top ten dogs with the lowest IQs?

The Beagle is another dog breed that has shown to be quite difficult to teach. Despite how adorable and cuddly they are, these dogs may quickly drive you crazy, especially if you are attempting to train them to do something. Beagles are not necessarily dumb dogs, but their independence makes teaching them more difficult than with many other dog breeds. Even after a long day of practicing the heel, this breed never fails to show its owner affection. Beagles are typically small to medium-sized canines. They get along well with kids and other dog breeds, but not cats.

Who is the world’s top dog?

Since 1991, the Labrador Retriever has held the top rank, making it a crowd favorite. See the ranked annual listings of breeds recognized by the AKC below.

Which canine is cutest?

The top 20 dog breeds in the world, listed in order of cuteness

  • Schipperke. 59.01%
  • 58.99% Leonberger
  • 58.79% of Cavapoo
  • 58.69% for Springador
  • Husky from Siberia. 58.48%
  • 57.76% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • 56.30% Old English Bulldog
  • Labradoodle tiny. 56.05% Bloodhound.

Which dog is the simplest to train?

There is a reason why toy, miniature, and standard Poodles do well in dog competitions. They make excellent competitors who can lead a pack and obey orders thanks to a balanced combination of adaptability, intellect, and playfulness. At home, they are quite sociable and get along well with all ages and species of people and animals. Yes, poodles have a reputation for being snobby show dogs, but if you regularly use firm orders and groom their hypoallergenic coats, you can turn a poodle into a well-mannered family dog.


I wonder where the sparrow legs on this jumping rodent came from. Jerboa is a low-energy tree that grows throughout Asia and North Africa. Unexpectedly, the 7th Armored Brigade of the British Amy had a jerboa as its emblem. The species avoids predators by jumping in peculiar ways. However, they are not very adept in hiding or searching for food.

Cane Toads

Cane toads, which are common in Australia, are about as stupid as they can be. They frequently hump on dead animals, snakes, lizards, mice, salamanders, and other animals in addition to everything else. Even female toads that have been struck by a car are humped on by their males. Up to 30,000 eggs can be laid by a female toad at once.

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Goblin shark

When you least expect it, a goblin shark with a retractable spike pit disproves your theory that sharks are among the stupidest animals. It is unwilling to search for food because it is so slothful and indolent. It simply waits for the prey to approach as closely as possible. Off the coast of Japan, the goblin shark is frequently encountered.


Animals with the lowest brain-to-body ratios are koalas. These adorable creatures can be found in Australia. To digest their preferred diet of nutrient-poor eucalyptus leaves, koalas had to evolve four stomachs. And they have no knowledge of health. Koalas have chlamydia in roughly 90% of them, according to estimates. They occasionally even lose sight of their own food, which causes them to starve to death.

Lilac-breasted roller

Kenya’s national bird is the lilac-breasted roller. Because of its propensity for towering perches even in locations where nesting grounds are essentially nonexistent, it is one of the most stupid animals on the planet. Even when someone approaches it uncomfortably, the bird doesn’t try to flee or escape, making it a prime target for poachers. But the bird appears to be rather lovely.


Kakapo, sometimes known as the parrot owl, is a native of New Zealand. When it spots a predator, it becomes so terrified that it immediately freezes rather of making an effort to flee. Berries that only develop once every four years are the bird’s favorite food. Additionally, the kakapo is not very adept at reproduction. By preparing a mating place and emitting a resounding cry, the males attempt to entice females. Unfortunately, their call is designed to cause an echo everywhere, which makes it extremely challenging for the female to locate the mating spot. There are currently only 150 of these left in existence.


Flamingos are adorable and lovely. Despite having two legs by virtue of being blessed, they often only use one. They just use one leg to sleep on. They try to catch fish by keeping their beaks upside down in the water, which is a stupid tactic. This is only one example of their foolish conduct. I’m not sure if they act in this manner only to stand out from other animals or if they are that stupid.


Yes, they are really adorable. But they’re also really stupid. Although they are carnivores, pandas only eat plants. Additionally, one of the least romantic animals in the world is the panda. If they don’t take action soon, they will soon become extinct. Additionally, pandas are poor at raising their young. The mothers of pandas occasionally kill their own young because they are so upset with them.


One of the dumbest animals in the world is the tamed turkey. They occasionally perish in the rain and prefer to only sip water that is raining from above. Even when it is raining, they are stupid enough to continue continually gazing at the sky. Tetanic Torticollar Spasms, a genetic disorder, causes them to occasionally stare at the sky nonstop, even when it is raining. The male turkeys’ sex desire is so strong that they will occasionally engage in sexual activity with the female turkey’s severed head.


The most sluggish and stupid animals are sloths. They snooze on tree branches for the majority of the time, however they never poop on the trees. Once a week, they go down to the earth to take care of business before climbing back up. On sometimes, while climbing, they mistake their own legs for tree branches, fall to their deaths. Does it get any more stupid than that?

Which dog is the most devoted?

There are other dog breeds that could learn about devotion and nobility from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! They were originally bred to be loyal companions to Europe’s most powerful and affluent individuals. These puppies were adept at sitting through hours of aristocratic pomp and circumstance without saying a word or getting up from the throne of their adored royal Owners. And when we say “steadfast,” we mean it literally.