What North Carolina Beaches Allow Dogs

Not just for local families, but for people nationwide, the stunning North Carolina coastline is a top destination for getaways! It’s simple to locate a beautiful coastal site that’s perfect for you, from the varied beaches, distinctive lighthouses, and history of the northern Outer Banks all the way down to the modest and picturesque Oak Island beach regions. The trip would be complete, of course, if the furry family members came along. So that the entire family may participate in the adventure on your next beach trip, we recently investigated which of the North Carolina beaches are actually the most dog friendly.

Find out which beaches in North Carolina are the best for allowing your dog to join you in the sand and waves. The North Carolina coast is the finest of the best because to its excellent pet rules, pet-friendly accommodation options, and local activities.

Caswell Beach, first

Beautiful Caswell Beach, which is located at the southernmost point of North Carolina, allows well-behaved, leashed dogs all year long. Unleashed but well-behaved dogs are allowed on the beach from 3:00 p.m. until dusk from October 1 through April 30, and they are welcome all year long between dawn and 9:00 a.m. No of the season, Caswell Beach lets your dog go freely on the sand so he may take in the sun, sand, and waves next to you.

Given that Caswell Beach is the least frequented beach on Oak Island, tranquility and relaxation are all but guaranteed. Because there are fewer people around, your dog will be more relaxed while you’re away because you won’t have to worry about overwhelming your canine companion. On the other hand, nearby Southport offers dog-friendly ferry journeys to Bald Head Island for those canines who are highly outgoing and don’t hesitate to go on new adventures!

There are cozy pet-friendly lodgings in a number of locations around Caswell Beach, including hotels and furnished vacation homes. Finding hotel alternatives where the entire family can feel right at home while on vacation won’t be a problem.

Oak Island Beach 2.

Oak Island Beach, which is 12 miles long and noted for being pet-friendly, is located on North Carolina’s southernmost point. On the beaches of Oak Island, dogs must be on leashes at all times. However, from October 16 through March 15, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., there are designated areas where dogs can run free without a leash. In North Carolina, Oak Island is regarded as a traditional family holiday destination, so everyone in the family—including your dog—will be content there.

Given the length of the beach, it seems sense that there are a lot of fantastic lodging options with stunning views. Choosing a vacation property from Oak Island Accommodations and Rentals is a fantastic option. Even the pet benefit of a canine welcome bag upon arrival is included! There are pet-friendly hotels and motels close to the water in addition to vacation homes, so you and your furry buddy will be taken care of during your trip. There are numerous marinas, stores, and restaurants to check out if you wish to venture away from the beach itself.

Corolla Beach, third

Pets are welcome year-round at Corolla Beach on North Carolina’s northeast coast as long as they are always on a leash. Since there aren’t any seasonal limitations to worry about, you can bring your pet there at any time of the year.

You can stay anywhere along the beach’s northern and southern stretches because pet-friendly vacation rentals, motels, and inns are available. There are wonderful locations to hang out besides the beach in addition to pet-friendly lodgings. With your dog by your side, you may go to Corolla Outback Adventures and have a horseback trip around the city’s historic monuments and animal sanctuaries. Local eateries like Steamers Shellfish have outdoor seating so your four-legged companions can join you for a delicious lunch.

Emerald Isle Beach No. 4

The stunning Emerald Isle Beach is situated on an island off the eastern coast of North Carolina, south of the Croatan National Forest. The ideal component? Any time of year, leashed dogs are allowed to play on this beach! The center of the North Carolina coast is a wonderful place to unwind with your dog at any time of year.

Take a walk along the Emerald Isle Woods Park Trail if you need to get away from the sand. You and your dog can explore and enjoy this 41-acre park’s walking and hiking trails, on-site floating dock, and pier. You can also stroll through the city’s streets and browse the nearby shopping districts.

Emerald Isle offers a wide variety of vacation rentals, making it simple for the whole family—including the four-legged ones—to feel at home. The island is tiny enough that you can have ocean views from any location, whether you are in the middle of the city or on the fringes. There are plenty of beach and pet-friendly activities available, making it a lovely and relaxing area to spend your holiday.

5. The beach at Topsail Island

Topsail Beach is another island along North Carolina’s eastern coast. Dogs must be on a leash at this popular coastal location from May 15 to September 30. Unleashed dogs are welcome throughout the rest of the year as long as they follow voice commands, which is a terrific advantage for pets! But given that the region is known for its sea turtles and their nesting grounds, you might want to keep that leash close at hand. A few young turtles might be moving over the beach toward the water as you and your dog walk.

Topsail Island Beach is a little town with an inviting ambience that is full of interesting stores and eateries to satisfy every taste and fashion. There are several places to stay in the area that accept pets, some of which have patios, outdoor showers, oceanfront pools, and hot tubs. Your entire family will enjoy this beachfront home away from home, not just your four-legged best friend.

Kitty Hawk Beach is located off of Route 158 on the long stretch of island that makes up North Carolina’s northernmost point. Between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on the beaches, dogs must be on a 6-foot leash from the Friday before Memorial Day to the day after Labor Day. The leash can be up to 12 feet long the rest of the year. In either case, your leashed dog is welcome to play on the sand all year long! It’s a terrific area to make sure your dog can join in on any beach fun you and your family have.

Other outdoor activities abound beyond this famous beach, where the Wright Brothers accomplished the country’s maiden airplane flight. You and your dog can take a stroll through coastal forests in the sizable Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve and Sandy Run Park to reconnect with nature. Many neighborhood eateries, including the well-known John’s Drive-In, have outside seating where your four-legged family member is welcome to join you. After a long day, unwind at one of the numerous pet-friendly hotels in the area, where you can take advantage of welcome packages, different room sizes to accommodate your entire family, and even daily fresh bedding. The historic beach of Kitty Hawk is more than prepared to host your family vacation today!

With so much freedom for your dog, it makes sense that pet owners and animal lovers alike highly recommend these North Carolina beaches. Without a doubt, you and your animal best friend will have the beach trip of a lifetime wherever you choose to travel along the coast. The best part is that there are so many more pet-friendly beaches in North Carolina to visit and explore in addition to these fantastic options. A few places that are great for families and dogs are Kill Devil Hills, Ocracoke Island, and Sunset Beach.

Any NC beaches that allow dogs?

Caswell, Yaupon, and Long Beach on Oak Island are three pet- and family-friendly beaches. On this North Carolina beach, leashed dogs are permitted all year. A 30-minute drive from Wilmington, North Carolina, is an island off the coast of North Carolina called Oak Island.

Are dogs permitted on Carolina Beach’s sand?



  • On the ancient wooden portions of the boardwalk, dogs are never permitted.
  • Dogs are not permitted at any time in the Boardwalk Business District, which extends from the north side of Harper Avenue (where the Hampton Inn is located) up to and including Cape Fear Blvd (Gazebo area). See Sections 34-64 of Chapter 34, Article III, of the Town Ordinance.


  • Every dog must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Dogs are only permitted on the beach between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. from April 1 to September 30. Between 9AM and 5PM, dogs are not allowed on the beach.
  • Dogs are welcome on the sand at all times from October 1 through March 31.
  • A plastic or paper container that can be used to clean up after and retain canine feces until it can be disposed of in an appropriate container must always be carried on your person. Any person tasked with enforcing this ordinance may request to see this container, which must then be produced.
  • From April 1 to September 30, dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Dogs are permitted to be off-leash from October 1 through March 31 as long as they obey voice commands and their owner is nearby.

A $100.00 fine/citation will be issued for violations of these rules.

Can dogs swim in NC?

  • Dog beaches along the East Coast.
  • Bring Fido: North Carolina’s Dog-Friendly Beaches.
  • Tusquitee Ranger District, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
  • Carolina Mountain Dog: Pisgah National Forest canine trails.
  • Pet Park in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Is Kure Beach in North Carolina dog-friendly?

From October 1 to March 31 you are permitted to stroll your leashed dog down the strand at Kure Beach. But from April 1 through September 30 every year, it is against the law for anyone to have or permit their dog to be on Kure Beach’s beach strand. Dogs are welcome all year long on the beach at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. For instructions and more details, call 910-458-5798.

Can dogs be brought to Topsail Beach?

Can dogs go to the beach? Dogs are permitted, but they must always be kept on leashes no longer than 20 feet while they are outside of their own property boundaries from May 15 through September 30 each year.

Is the Emerald Isle beach dog-friendly?

Rules & regulations for dogs on Emerald Isle All year long, dogs are welcome on Emerald Isle’s beaches, but they must be leashed. Dog waste must be carefully cleaned up and disposed of by owners of handlers, away from the beach strand.

Does Wilmington Beach Allow Dogs?

Whatever the season, Wilmington is the ideal pet-friendly vacation spot. In this picturesque city and on its beaches, dogs are always welcome. There are many dog-friendly restaurants in Wilmington, as well as numerous dog parks, excursions, and even two beaches that are dog-friendly all year round.

Two dog-friendly beaches are available year-round in Wilmington for visitors and locals, while additional beaches, including as Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and Kure Beach, are pet-friendly from October through March. Keep in mind that on beaches, dogs must always be leashed.

Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at The Workshop at Wrightsville Beach to start your day. This famous restaurant was built on a novel idea that combined local coffee drinkers and scuba divers. Along with premium artisan coffee, the cafe also sells shark tooth jewelry and Megalodon teeth.

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, where dogs are welcome year-round for some fun in the sun and sand, is where you should go if you’re coming between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Check out the Basin Trail and the WWII bunker where the fabled Fort Fisher Hermit once resided while you’re at Fort Fisher.

In Carolina Beach, you can take a stroll along the Island Greenway. A excellent way to discover more of the natural elements Carolina Beach has to offer with your dog is by using this wonderful network of trails, parks, and picturesque locations, which are connected by many routes.

With your dog by your side, spend the morning swimming and exploring before stopping by Michael’s Seafood for a lovely patio meal. On the way back to Wilmington from the beach, there is a restaurant that serves a variety of fresh seafood dishes. We ordered the salmon and were taken away by how delicious it was with a straightforward lemon butter sauce.

Explore Wilmington’s downtown and the riverside in the late afternoon. Enjoy a rich, creamy gelato from GelaRto while you’re at the riverfront. It’s created in Turin, Italy. I’m pretty sure our dog would enjoy tasting it, too! Visit a few of the most intriguing pet-friendly art galleries in the neighborhood, such as the Art in Bloom Gallery.

We suggest exploring the charming stores on Market Street and Front Street as you stroll through Wilmington’s little historic downtown. If you want to buy a new toy or treat for your pet, do not miss Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store. You may take a self-guided walking tour of Wilmington’s riverside and historic district with the Wilmington History Tours app, learning about the history of many of the buildings and viewing old photos of the area.

Is Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina dog-friendly?

From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, lifeguards are on duty every day. USLA Advanced Certified Beaches include Wrightsville Beach. According to ULSA advanced agency requirements, all seasonal ocean rescue personnel receives training to be both open water lifeguards and emergency medical responders. Find out more about the locations of lifeguard stations and public beach entrances.

From October 1 through March 31, you can take your dog to the beach. Whenever you are in the Town of Wrightsville Beach, your pet must always be on a leash. You must always pick up after your pet and put their waste in any available garbage bins. The beach strand is off-limits to pets from April 1 through September 30.