What Stores Allow Dogs To Come In

These establishments extend a warm welcome to both pets and their owners. Just make sure you are aware of the regulations and pet policies for each before entering.


You can probably bring your dog with you to most (if not all) pet stores in addition to Petsmart. There are snacks, toys, and other things for your canine companion in this store, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to join in the fun? Puppies must be on their current immunization schedule, leashed, or in a carrier when visiting Petsmart. Although it’s unlikely that they’ll want it, keep it saved on your phone just in case.

Tractor Supply Co.

You’ll probably make the trip to Tractor Supply Co. if you need feed, equipment, or a new pair of overalls. This big-name retailer loves everything outdoorsy and fluffy! Well-behaved dogs are welcome to shop with their parents as long as they remain on a leash.

The Apple Store

Your animal “helper” sleeps by your feet as you work long hours from home and gives you company. They can join you when it’s time to replace your laptop or iPhone, even though they presumably can’t send emails for you (yet). Although there isn’t a “official” guideline posted online, the Apple Store often permits leashed dogs. If you decide to bring Fido along, be sure to pick a less busy time because smaller establishments with crowds can be challenging for your friend to traverse.

Bass Pro Shops

Everything you need to go camping, fishing, or on a variety of other outdoor experiences is available at this well-known sporting goods business. Naturally, your courageous canine companion will accompany you on all of your journeys, big and small. Your dog is welcome to accompany you to Bass Pro Shops as long as they are well-behaved, on a short leash, and up to date on their vaccinations. Keep an eye out for special Dog Days activities where your friend will get amusing prizes and snacks.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

A trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond is required when moving or redecorating your house for all of the necessities. They also sell a ton of pet supplies, such as memory foam dog beds and mats. Bed, Bath & Beyond once provided “canine carts” in a few locations, but they no longer do. Nevertheless, you are welcome to bring your well-behaved dog along for the tour.


In addition to selling apparel for both sexes, L.L.Bean also offers a wide range of home products and accessories for animals. In light of this, they also wanted your dog to enjoy himself while you shop. Your dog is welcome at every L.L.Bean shop as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash. Only their main store in Freeport, Maine, which features a cafe, is an exception; regretfully, they are unable to allow dogs to linger out inside. If you have a companion or partner with you, it’s simple to trade-off because they have a sizable grassy space outside.


It’s acceptable to admit that your “baby” appears in the majority of your home crafts. Your dog, if you will. When you visit Michael’s, you should keep your furry little one in mind. They have anything from unique bandanas to personalized treat jars. happy news They may accompany you the next time you go shopping for supplies, provided they behave well and stay leashed.

Home Depot

Every homeowner can attest that as soon as you sign on the dotted line, your travels to Home Depot start. This home renovation store provides everything you need, whether you’re remodeling the kitchen, landscaping the garden, or changing the lighting to create a moodier atmosphere (and more). Fortunately, since Home Depot permits leashed dogs inside the store, your dog will be able to keep you company as you try to distinguish between fixers.


Buying new footwear? Maybe a couple of holiday dresses? Or simply in the mood to peruse the racks in search of a deal? Since it has let dogs inside for more than 30 years, Nordstrom welcomes your favorite furry buddy to join you. As long as your dog is well-behaved and on a leash, they are welcome to express their approval or disapproval of your clothing choices. An added advice is to keep an eye out for Dog Social activities in New York City so your pet can meet new people.

Can a dog be brought into a store?

Dogs are welcome in several well-known stores on the high street. This comprises Selfridges, Harrods, Lush, Cath Kidston, and John Lewis as well as the Apple Store (in limited departments).

Being ‘dog-friendly’ is a subjective rather than legal choice, thus this list is probably much longer than it appears to be. Contrary to popular opinion, dogs are not prohibited by law from entering stores, banks, or local establishments; therefore, it largely depends on whether the store owner or branch manager is okay with it. Why not query? You might receive a pleasant surprise. If the response is no, there may be a number of factors at play, such as consideration for those who have dog allergies or the fact that the area is not suitable for passionate tail-wagging.

Can I take my dog to Walmart with me?

Walmart recognizes the significant role that service animals play in the lives of many of its customers and welcomes them in our stores as defined by the ADA. Pets are not permitted in any of our shops. Are you happy with the response?

In San Diego, are dogs permitted in stores?

These days, Rover is frequently standing next to San Diegans as they shop.

In San Diego County’s grocery stores, shops, and malls—spaces that were once only allowed for service animals—dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and speeds are occupying cart seats, ambling down store aisles, and carrying purses.

Many large chains, big-box retailers, and independent boutiques have a welcome mat and water bowl out for Scruffy because they understand how loyal customers dogs can be. After all, a Harris Poll found that a staggering 94 percent of dog owners regard their canines to be part of the family.

Shopping with a dog in tow is not only acceptable but encouraged at all three county-wide Nordstrom shops, the majority of Home Depots and Lowe’s, and the tiny businesses along Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach.

San Diego is quite pet-friendly, and there are many small streets, from Encinitas to Little Italy, where you can walk your dog, according to Ria Roberts, a salesperson at Muttropolis, the hip pet supply store in Solana Beach.

However, dogs seem to be the preferred shopping accessory even in locations that forbid canines, such as Fashion Valley, the biggest and most affluent mall in San Diego.

And what makes some people furious is that this overpopulation of dogs at establishments that are not pet-friendly usually goes unnoticed since they are dressed up as assistance dogs.

Roberts of Cardiff said, “I don’t believe it’s fair to the individuals who actually have a service dog, people who just get the vest off the Internet.

Nobody could mistake Roberts for being against pets. Roberts is a proud owner of a rescue boxer named Gatsby in addition to working at Muttropolis, which has sites in Solana Beach and La Jolla.

“I carry him almost wherever I go, even to work and when she goes shopping at Nordstrom. He’s a very sweet puppy.

However, if Roberts needs to go somewhere that the 8-year-old dog is not allowed, like the grocery store, she leaves Gatsby at home or in the car.

If California’s new state legislation allowing dogs on restaurant patios simply codified an old custom, 2011 ADA rule revisions have created a type of doggie door to the country’s retail outlets.

On the website of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, it is stated that neither dog owners nor their canines need to provide documentation proving that their animals are trained service animals. The questions that shop owners may pose regarding the dog are similarly constrained.

Only restricted enquiries are permitted, according to the legislation, when it is unclear what function an animal performs.

Two queries are possible from staff: Are there any disabilities that make the dog a service animal, and if so, what jobs or tasks has the dog been trained to carry out? Employees are prohibited from requesting medical records, requesting a special identity card or training records for the dog, or requesting that the dog prove its aptitude for the job or responsibilities.

Even in areas where having pets would be deemed unhygienic, such grocery aisles, the federal ADA statute transcends state and local health codes.

People began taking advantage of the disabled as soon as such extensive protections for them were put into place, faster than you could ring Pavlov’s bell. There was an explosion of websites selling patches, ID badges, and service vests. Customers who were not interested in the false trinkets soon realized that the business owners were somewhat powerless to forbid customers from bringing their dogs inside. Would companies take the chance of breaking the ADA or offending a customer? Or would they turn away, perhaps alienating customers who might be allergic to pets, fear dogs, or just don’t want them in stores?

According to Cynthia Chasan, a La Jolla resident who spearheaded a successful campaign to prevent two La Jolla beaches from becoming off-leash areas, “people are frightened of coming seen as anti-dog or anti-disabled.

To be clear, I do not despise dogs, Chasan said. “I had a dog for 12 years, but I’ve always treated people with respect even when I had a dog.

According to Hillary Prim, public relations director for the American Kennel Club, “you should not attempt to bring your dog into that establishment if it is not your assistance animal and a site is not pet-friendly.”

AKC also firmly opposes labeling dogs as service animals when they are not and attempting to profit from a dog’s designation as a service dog when the person employing the dog does not have a handicap.

Every business Chasan visits has dogs, but one recent sighting left her perplexed, according to Chasan.

“I was in Costco when I saw a person strolling their Great Dane around. That would be like a horse being led through Costco!

Although numerous local employees who were contacted but were unable to talk in public stated that only service dogs are allowed, a call to Costco for a comment was not returned. Employees at Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Von’s said store management tried to ask customers to leave Fido outside in the most courteous way possible.

The reporting of this article made it clear that grocery stores and other establishments are in a difficult situation. One Nordstrom stated that all three of its San Diego County department stores (at UTC, Fashion Valley, and Horton Plaza) are dog-friendly. Exclusively four of the twelve national chains that were approached for comment responded, three of which reiterated that they only welcome service dogs.

The Westfield UTC and Otay Ranch Town Center are two malls in the vicinity that include dog parks. Even after it was pointed out that Fashion Valley is typically swarming with dogs on leashes, in fancy purses, or specially equipped doggie strollers, a spokesman reiterated that the regulation there is that only service animals are permitted.

A Maltipoo on a leash was observed in Fashion Valley within the first two minutes of arrival, according to an unscientific count on a recent bright day. A mall security guard arrived in a matter of seconds on a Segway and asked the dog’s owner to leave.

However, there were still the 10 or so other puppies seen in and out of businesses during the course of the following 15 minutes—one relaxing on a chair in the sunshine and another in a stroller—who were out for a day of shopping.

The “Service Dogs Only” sign doesn’t appear to prevent shoppers in a more intimate setting, such as the gift shop at Mission San Diego de Alcal, according to Pat Schmitzer, the mission’s business manager.

“Everyone claims that their dog is a service. Although we avoid arguing with them, what can you do? Parishioners have started bringing their dogs to Mass, she continued, adding that.

Schmitzer stated, “We do our best to be sensitive. “Their pets are members of their family, and perhaps they too need to be saved.

Does Starbucks allow dogs?

The official Starbucks pet policy is as follows:

Pets are not permitted in the stores, and if one is discovered there, Starbucks may be in breach of the health code. Service animals are welcome inside Starbucks locations. Service animal classifications and laws may change between states and localities. Starbucks must abide by the law that defines a service animal as broadly as possible.

So what does that actually mean? Fluffy isn’t permitted in the business unless your dog is a certified assistance animal because doing so may violate local health code regulations. Although your neighborhood Starbucks could be a little more tolerant or may have previously made an exception, it doesn’t necessarily mean the establishment is canine-friendly. If your neighborhood establishment will let her order her own pup cup in stores, call ahead and ask. If you don’t want to take a chance, continue reading for some other options to satisfy your Starbucks craving.

IKEA does not permit pets.

  • A maximum of two pets are allowed per family unit when visiting IKEA.
  • All of our facilities welcome pets, but only properly qualified guide or therapy dogs are allowed in the restaurant, bistro, and Swedish Store sections. Only the stores with an outside terrace enabled have access to the consuming area.
  • All of our stores are pet-friendly, with the exception of the Restaurant, Bistro, and Swedish Food Market areas, which only permit guide or therapy dogs with the appropriate credentials.
  • At all times throughout their visit to IKEA, pets of any sort must be accompanied and restrained by a non-extendable lead up to 1.5 meters in length.
  • Under no circumstances are pets allowed to roam freely inside IKEA stores.
  • In neither indoor nor outdoor spaces, pets may be left unsupervised or tethered to objects or IKEA furniture.
  • Pets are not allowed on furniture in any retail or leisure spaces, whether indoors or outside.
  • Pets are required to stay on the floor or in carriers that they are unable to leave at all times.
  • Pets are welcome in the restrooms, but they are never allowed to get water from the sink.
  • Breeds of dogs deemed to be potentially dangerous must always be muzzled and on a short lead.
  • The Royal Decree 287/2002 of March 22, 2002, which implemented Law 50/1999 of December 23, 1999, on the legal regulations regarding the possession of potentially harmful animals, lists these breeds.
  • These breeds include American Staffordshire Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Dobermanns, Dogo Argentinos, French Mastiffs, Brazilian Mastiffs, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Presa Canarios, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, and Tosa Inus, as well as any aggressive or cross-bred dogs.
  • All pet owners are required to have waste bags and, if necessary, cleaning wipes with them at all times.
  • Additionally, they must prevent their pets from going potty inside our establishments.
  • If this occurs, the owner must pick up the pet’s feces right away, clean the pet, and alert IKEA staff so that the cleaning team can sanitize the area.
  • In addition to the rules outlined here, pet owners entering IKEA must abide by the animal laws in effect in the autonomous community where the store is located, as well as the local government’s ordinance governing the ownership, control, and protection of domestic animals in the area where the IKEA store they are visiting is located.

Admission of pets

  • Pets that appear frail, unwell, or not in a respectable state of hygiene will not be permitted entry. Pets who display overt or possibly hostile behavior won’t be allowed in either.
  • IKEA retains the right to refuse access to or to stop the circulation of pets that constitute a risk or that clearly indicate they may have an adverse effect on the regular operation of the establishment, the comfort or safety of customers, employees, and other pets.
  • IKEA reserves the right to restrict the entry of dogs to any event conducted anywhere in the shop in order to protect the safety of patrons and prevent situations of danger or uncomfortable for people or animals.
  • IKEA reserves the right to ask any pet owner who violates any of the rules outlined in this policy to leave our shop, as well as any pet owner whose pet poses a risk to the health and safety of customers owing to its behavior, loudness, or cleanliness.
  • If IKEA decides that a change is necessary, it may modify these rules.

Liability for damage

  • IKEA property or third parties may be damaged or injured by a pet, and the owner or other responsible party is responsible for any resulting expense or cost.