Where To Buy Rocket Dogs

Orange in color with white markings on his muzzle, neck, chest, and legs, Rocket is a borzoi. He has lengthy fur on his little ears and a long, thin snout.

The Rocket Dog’s owner?

Since 2009, Cathy Taylor has served as CEO of Millennial Brands, the parent business of Rocket Dog, Pour La Victoire, and Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn. Prior to that, she had a long career in the shoe industry working for companies like Nike, Cole Haan, and Phoenix Footwear.

The executive just had a conversation with FN about how she is effectively assisting her team and developing a significant company portfolio.

My management approach defies corporate formality in every way. At Cole Haan or Nike, I never encountered that. Although you were aware of their presence, you were unable to sense the silent guardrails. I have put a lot of effort into keeping that at the company. My teams often agree that I have a very clear sense of direction and strategy. And I put a lot of effort into using our resources and talent.

What size does Rocket Dog run?

I adore these boots! They are quite cozy, and I can wear them with so many things. The sizing runs a little small, as other people have mentioned. Although I typically wear a size 8.5 to 9, the 10 fit me better in these.

These were fine for a few weeks while I wore them, but then they started to fall apart. Unfixable. Too costly to use for a week or two. I’m dissatisfied.

My preferred set of flip flops! They are comfy in addition to giving me the height of a heel. I actually purchased two pairs!

I adore them! I appreciate that the wedge heel gives me a nice height lift because I am only 5’4″. I wear an 8 1/2 or 9. The 9 was excellent for me in this situation.

I cherish them. They fit my slightly wide foot comfortably and were accommodating. They increase my height without making me feel as though I’m wearing “high heels.”

These sandals are great. You could spend the entire day standing in them since they are so comfy! They are my top picks by far!

I wanted to wear comfortable platform shoes to my wedding reception. Given that they matched the height of my more elaborate wedding shoe, these were the ideal height. And the fact that it was white made it ideal! Excellent comfort, but lacked a little arch support. But given the cost and my needs, this was a great purchase. At my wedding, I spent the entire time dancing in these.

These are quite cozy. The foot bed has a very excellent, soft padding, and they are lightweight. Although the strap is quite plush and comfortable, some stretching is there. I typically wear size 8 boots and closed-toe leather shoes. I always favor slightly smaller flip flops and sandals. I prefer size 37 in Birkenstock shoes. These fit me perfectly and are a size 7 for me. When I initially put them on, they did seem a little small, but they stretched out perfectly.

These sandals are excellent. They are really light and the color is vivid. decent bargain.

soft, cushioned soles. Straps that are snug and comfortable to the touch embrace your feet for a secure fit. Because I adore these so much, I’ve ordered a second pair in black.

The Rocket Dog Crush shoes are fantastic. No “breaking in” phase existed. From the beginning, they have felt at ease. Even some arch support is present. The height of the shoe can elevate an ensemble from the typical flip flop level of casualness.

These shoes are a lovely summer thick shoe. They feel at ease. If you typically wear a half size, however, you should absolutely order the size bigger. not a smaller size. They are petite.

These sneakers are unbelievably cozy! Although it can get a little chilly in the winter, I wish I could live there all year round! I can walk nonstop in these shoes all day long without experiencing any discomfort or heat buildup. I don’t even notice the thong between my toes because it is so silky! They are also quite light. The shoes are gorgeous! Another pair in a different color was required by me (just for some variation).

I’d also advise:

Love these to pieces. My feet never suffered in these, so I could walk for hours on end while wearing them all day. The larger straps are comfortable, and you gain some height as well. Of course, Zappos also provides its normal excellent service, and I received these right away!

Great flip flops like this. I wear them with many different clothes and they are all black in color. These flip flops are among the numerous pairs I’ve purchased; they are comfortable and stylish.

I recently purchased a second pair because I adore these so much. They are my most comfy pair of sandals. I can wear it right out of the package all day long since the straps across the top of my foot and in between my toes are so comfy. I receive a ton of feedback on them.

I first adored these wedged sneakers. Although they are quite comfortable, after a few weeks the side strap will start to separate from the shoe, rendering them unwearable. Another pair has experienced the same thing. They are poorly constructed and barely survive a few weeks. These Rocket Dog shoes are not something I advise. They were the ideal flip flop for the summer, so it’s a shame.

Rocket Dogs are a fantastic sneaker right now and have always been! These are not only comfortable enough to wear all day, but they also provide. My feet felt wonderful the entire time I wore them. Authentic size…

I have arthritic knees, weak ankles, and collapsed arches. I have an extremely hard time finding flip flops that are comfortable since I need a lot of heel and wedge cushioning. Rocket Dog’s “Crush” is AMAZING! The fuchsia color is my favorite; it’s kind of a brilliant salmon pink. Such a lovely sight! A word of caution: buy these shoes one and a half sizes smaller than you usually do. I am a 9 1/2. The 10 felt ideal and the 9 seemed small at the store. After wearing the 10 for two days, the webbing on the straps had stretched so much that I was losing my footing. Had to give it to a buddy and purchase the 9. They are flawless. I cannot express enough how much I adore these shoes. Additionally, you can purchase a couple hues for the price to get you through the summer. I really hope Rocket Dog doesn’t stop making these shoes!

The bomb is Rocket Dog Crush! They came in fuchsia and purple, which I bought. I’ve worn these for years, and they’re both amusing and comfortable. I adore the fresh summer hues! As usual, Zappos does it again.

I bought the black and white pair of flip-flops, and I adore them. Due to the material between the shoe’s toes, they are comfortable on your feet and in between your toes. I would without a doubt suggest them. Due to the tiny platform on the bottom, they can also spruce up an outfit. wonderful with capris. Since 2000, I have been placing orders with Zappos, and I have always been happy with the shoes I have received. Customer service at Zappos is of utmost importance. They go above and beyond to ensure that you are delighted with the shoes you buy.

I adore my black Rocket Dog Crush so much! They fit well and are quite comfortable. There are no blisters because the comfortable thong between the toes and the precise heel height!

Recently purchased them in black. They are quite cozy. I wore them nonstop for two days straight while on a trip, so I didn’t even need to break them in. Very convenient to walk in – I adore them!

Overall, I adore the shoe, but I wasn’t prepared for the slight heel-to-toe angle. It would be a flatter platform, I assumed. I’m keeping both pairs because they are comfortable and look wonderful. I do wear both of them. They look good on me and are comfortable for going out, but not for all day. The colors are wonderful and give your feet a little shine.

They are the coziest shoe ever, and I adore them! So that my feet won’t suffer at all throughout our cruise wedding, I’ll wear them with my wedding gown. I don’t want to get them soiled before the wedding, but I want to wear them now. It’s challenging!

too small and the 9 1/2 is too big ( another thing I ignore and wear thick socks and said orthodics) ( another thing I ignore and wear thick socks and said orthodics). It works out and I look cool in my kicks. My students compliment them and so do adults. I just love them!!! BTW, this is my 4th pair in my closet, but I have bought more. Some lived good lives and had to go. Sniff.

The raised words “ROCKET DOG” are stamped in thick rubber across the soul of the shoe, and I can feel it with every step. Not sure if it’s a defect with just my pair, or the design as a whole. Weirdest thing ever. Creates this feeling of not really walking on sure footing.

These sneakers were adorable and I really wanted to keep them, but the heal was too wide for me and my foot just came right out when I tried to walk in them. 🙁

Ordered these because of the rave reviews. They are a good price and a wider alternative to Converse but there’s some major drawbacks. Walking on the concrete floor of my supermarket or uneven terrain outside, I felt as if I was nearly barefoot- you feel *everything* with these shoes. I realized my decade-old, super worn out Clark sneakers were actually more comfortable than these brand new ones. I can’t imagine doing a job on my feet or sight-seeing all day with these on. Just for fashion/style. Also, the reviewers who claim that their feet look smaller with these on…can’t relate. My feet are narrow/medium width and so I felt it had the opposite effect.