Why Do Dogs Go Under The Bed

  • Many dogs frequently hide beneath beds, tables, or other pieces of furniture.
  • Dogs may hide behind objects out of fear, discomfort, or just a need for privacy.
  • If your dog begins to hide when they previously never did, it could mean that something is wrong.

Have you ever questioned why your dog hides under the bed or a table so much? There are a number of potential causes for this typical dog behavior, some of which are more worrying than others. There are a few potential causes if your dog insists on hiding beneath the bed or a table.

They Love Private Spaces

Many dogs find sheltering out of sight under a bed or table to be a personal safe haven.

According to San Diego, California-based Jessika Jake, a CATCH Canine Academy certified dog trainer, “That’s their fun little fort to relax in.

According to Jake, her Pomeranian is constantly looking for new hiding places close to her house. She does, however, add that a dog might find solace in the solidity of a bed or table. Dogs can rely on specific spots to stay unchanged, unlike a mat or chair that may be frequently replaced.

They’re Afraid

“According to Jake, dogs enjoy finding a hiding place when something threatening is happening. “Where they like to hide out can be a bed or table.

Your dog could get scared by anything, including fireworks and loud car alarms. Every time she heard fireworks, she would give Jake’s dog goodies to help calm his anxious thoughts. Her dog ultimately grew accustomed to anticipating a treat whenever he heard loud noises after enough practice.

Jake advises speaking softly to your dog to assist reassure them when they’re scared. Try eliminating them from the environment next. Get them away from whatever is frightening them to a safe place.

They’re Physically Ill or Injured

Jake’s dog took refuge behind the toilet after getting stung by a bee. If your dog is hiding and this is not normal behavior, check to see if they are feeling okay. Visit your veterinarian to get an evaluation of the problem at the first indication of any illness or injury symptoms.

They’re Looking For Food

The reason dogs spend so much time, in instance, under the kitchen table, is frequently simple to understand. In other words, they are aware that food might be there.

They know they’re going to receive it if you have a dog that enjoys watching you prepare and consume food. They find interest in things like that, according to Jake.

Train them to leave the room while you cook or dine, and give them goodies as a reward, to prevent them from loitering or beggining.

They’ve Found Something They Shouldn’t Have

Your dog may be attempting to hide a treat or food item under a bed or table after discovering it on the floor. Some dogs will consume such meals by themselves in order to have it all to themselves.

Her dog once hid behind a coworker’s desk, according to Jake, after snatching a typically banned blueberry off the floor.

They Sense a Change in the Environment

When you have guests over to your usually fairly peaceful home, your dog could hide to find a quiet location. Dogs accustomed to calm homes frequently find themselves surrounded by other dogs and humans and simply want to get away from the noise. When the environment has restored to normal, dogs that have been hiding under beds for these reasons frequently come out.

“Jake claims that they frequently don’t want any social interaction. “It may be a signal that “I’m done playing.”

How To Get Your Dog Not To Hide Under Things

One strategy is to teach your dog a new behavior in order to get them to quit hiding under things so often. Ignore your dog if it is hiding beneath the bed. However, reward them when they’re lying on a mat or rug. If you persist, your dog will probably ultimately pick up new behaviors.

Reward your desires. What you don’t want, ignore. Jake claims that when they know you appreciate something, they prefer to flaunt it.

Know Your Dog

Learn about your dog and what is and is not normal, advises Jake. Take note if they start hiding under tables out of the blue if that’s a new behavior. It can indicate a stressed-out dog or serve as a signal that anything is amiss. If you think your dog might not be feeling well, get them checked out as soon as you can at the vet.

Do you need assistance training your dog? In spite of the fact that you might not be able to attend live training sessions during COVID-19, we are still available to you electronically through the AKC GoodDog! Helpline. With the help of this live telephone service, you may speak with a qualified trainer who will provide you with unrestricted, personalized advise on anything from behavioral problems to CGC preparation to getting started in dog sports.

Why do dogs enjoy crawling beneath beds?

You’ve probably discovered your dog several times hiding beneath your bed. It is a location that she feels safe in, whether she is hiding, sleeping, or relaxing there. You might be wondering why your dog enjoys hiding in the tiny space under your bed, though. The comfort is the most frequent explanation for this. Dogs prefer cramped areas because they feel safe and secure there, which is relaxing. Along with the new carpet, they might also appreciate the temperature that is established in that tiny area. There shouldn’t be any cause for concern if this applies to your dog. Your dog is merely attempting to locate a relaxing location in your home. However, your dog can be beneath your bed for other reasons. Your dog will always want to feel secure, and sometimes that means hiding beneath the bed. Your dog might hide under the bed if there is any kind of disturbance in your home in an effort to find comfort and protection. It is best to make sure your dog is not physically hurt or ill if your home is not in complete chaos. When they have body ailments, dogs will occasionally hide under beds and use that area as a safe haven. They naturally do that because they are dogs. In addition to these few causes, your dog’s behavior may also be due to worry and fear. Thunderstorms and other loud noises, as well as stressful events that are present around your dog, can cause anxiety and fear. They have a cozy and peaceful retreat in the tiny space under your bed, hidden from view. When the time comes, this can help children cope with their worry and anxiety, and the bed can shield them from any tension or commotion going on at home.

Should my dog be allowed to snooze under the bed?

Many dogs prefer to be accommodated under beds, while others prefer to sleep directly next to their owners’ beds. Some dogs truly adore lying at their guardians’ feet. But what draws people to this location? Dogs can feel more secure here than they would if they were left outside because it’s like a shelter or “burrow” for them. A dog may choose to sleep under the bed in order to have a more tranquil and serene environment where they won’t be disturbed by light or cold.

Why is my dog hiding under my bed so frequently?

Does your dog enjoy cramming into small spaces, like the area under your bed? Although it’s a harmless activity, you can be concerned about it because it could be a sign of something more serious. Here are a few typical explanations for why dogs want to hide under beds.

1. Creates a Cool Ambient

Your dog might find it to be a terrific place to cool off on a warm summer night under the bed. It could also be the case that the area beneath the bed is simply more comfy for your dog to lie on since you may have a carpet floor underneath the bed that isn’t as worn down.

2. Fear and Anxiety

When dogs suddenly hide beneath the bed, this is usually the cause. The dog needs some time in a secure location to make sure everything is alright because something is frightening her.

Over the next few days, pay close attention to your dog and attempt to determine what might be causing him to hide under your bed. The dog may be being startled unintentionally by something you are doing or by something outside of your control, such as the sound of fireworks.

Your Canine Is Sick.

When your dog is ill or hurt, she naturally seeks out a secure location where she feels the least exposed. Take your dog to the vet if you are unable to find any fear-related factors. Being hard for you to get, the area underneath the bed isn’t the best spot for a sick dog to remain.

4. There Is No Other Location

There isn’t another place in the house where your dog would feel at ease sleeping. Your dog simply won’t enter the crate, despite your best efforts to train her to do so.

Your dog’s favorite toys and blankets can be placed inside the crate to make it a more inviting place for them to rest. By using positive reinforcement and good associations, you may also put the crate next to the bed and gradually transition it into the dog’s primary sleeping area.

How to Get Your Dog Out from Under the Bed

As we have indicated, there is no real harm in allowing your dog to occasionally hide beneath the bed, so leave it alone. If it happens frequently, you might need to assess the situation.

If there is a serious emergency (such as a fire) and you need to leave your home as soon as possible, it may be difficult to get to the space underneath the bed. Regular bed-hiding habits may also be a sign that your dog has a serious problem. If your dog exhibits any signs of discomfort or fear, a trip to the vet is unquestionably necessary.

We want to emphasize how crucial it is to never force your dog outside, especially if they are in a vulnerable situation. Just leave your dog alone and wait for her to emerge gradually. Once the dog had escaped, reward her with a treat and lots of praise.

To keep your dog from going underneath the bed in the future, you can box up the area. Before you block off the bed space, make sure to offer a another place to relax.

How do I recognize depression in my dog?

According to John Ciribassi, DVM, former president of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, the symptoms of dog depression are very similar to those of human depression. The dogs will get distant. They stop doing anything. Their eating and sleeping patterns frequently fluctuate. They no longer engage in the activities they once found enjoyable.

Veterinarians caution that those signs could potentially indicate a medical issue in a dog, so getting a comprehensive checkup from one is always the best course of action. A dog who mopes and refuses to take for walks may only be experiencing arthritis pain, according to Beaver.

Do dogs prefer to sleep on their owners’ beds?

The same group of studies discovered that people with post-traumatic stress disorder can benefit from using support animals to reduce nightmares (PTSD). A dog’s level of comfort on the bed helps you relax and creates a cozy atmosphere.

That soft, fuzzy creature will probably like lying next to you just as much as you do. This contributes to the cozy environment that most dog owners find to be so soothing.

How do dogs pick their sleeping partners?

Your new mattress was chosen in what manner? Did you go to a City Mattress store, lay on a few of them, and choose the one that seemed the most comfortable? Or perhaps you made your decision based on a trusted brand name. The comfort feel or material type that best suits your needs may have even been recommended to you by a Sleep Expert at one of our stores. Your dog has a favorite place to sleep, just like you do (probably your new mattress). Your dog doesn’t choose this depending on whether he favors latex or innerspring coils, unlike your previous excursion to the mattress store. Therefore, the question is: How do dogs choose where to sleep?

Your Dog is Guided by Scent

Understanding that dogs approach the environment nose-first is one of the most crucial aspects of how they choose a spot to sleep. Although dogs have more than 220 million olfactory receptors in their nose—over four times as many as humans—they can not sense colors as vividly as we do. They smell around for one while we hunt for an area that seems comfortable. You’re not alone if your dog like cuddling and sleeping next to you. Many dogs pick a place to sleep because it smells like their owner, or the pack leader. Great if this is your bed with you! If not, they’ll go for the next best thing—a location where your scent is present.

Your Dog Likes a “Den

Environments have a huge role, too. Researchers and animal experts are keen to point out that dogs are pack animals by nature. In dens, their untamed forefathers slept. For this reason, you may observe contemporary dogs unwinding beneath a table, a tree, or even your desk as you conduct business from home. Whether there is danger outside or not, your pet likes to feel secure when he sleeps.

Now, It’s Time to Spruce up the Spot!

Dogs enjoy setting up their bed once they have found the ideal location. You’ll frequently witness your dog preparing for a nap by scratching the area, shifting blankets, or pushing pillows with their nose. Another practice from their untamed ancestors is this endearing rite. The hot or damp topsoil was scraped away by these prehistoric dogs to expose the cooler, drier earth below. It’s how they feel at ease. Consider it as their way of slipping into some luxurious cotton bedding.

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