Will Kennels Take Dogs In Heat

If the boarding facility you bring your dog to has the ability to keep your pet apart from other dogs, you may kennel her. Some kennels provide specific care for canines in heat, which may involve keeping them exclusively around female canines or altogether excluding them from other canines until their cycle is finished.

A female may suddenly become more needy once she has fully entered the heat cycle. If that applies to your dog, you may want to look for a kennel that has space for animals who require special care.

Although male dogs never go into heat, they become quite excited anytime they are in the vicinity of a female who is. A female releases a specific hormone that awakens male canines once she has fully entered her heat phase.

It is typically simpler to kennel a dog who is about to exit her heat phase than one that is just beginning. You might want to reconsider boarding your dog for the weekend if she is just beginning to exhibit signals that she is approaching that period.