3 Summer Tips for Longhaired Dog Breeds

There are plenty of things dogs love about the summer – hazy afternoon playtimes, lazy sunny naps and barbeque leftovers! Taking care of longhaired dogs in very hot weather is about helping them keep cool whilst still enjoying the exuberance and fun of summer!

1. Regular Drinks And Shade

Believe it or not, dogs don’t sweat. At all!

Dogs don’t have a network of sweaty glands to help them sweat and lower their body temperature. They cool themselves largely by panting; panting is a way of releasing large amounts of heat via vaporized water from their lungs.

Prescription pet food brand, Hills Pets, advocates always keeping a cool, fresh water nearby, preferably in the shade on cool ground.

2. Good Grooming Habits

Whether a dog is on a prescribed diet or enjoying the scraps of the holiday barbeque, daily grooming is one of the best ways to maintain overall health and comfort.

Shaving a dog doesn’t help keep them cool, and can exacerbate sunburn potential. The step most commonly recommended by vets is to have the dog’s coat trimmed to about an inch, no shorter.

Coats that are kept well-brushed help air circulation and can aid cooling more than trimming. Daily brushing is a must for longhaired breeds during the summer.

3. A Cool Dip

Like their human counterparts, dogs love a cooling dip in the water! A kids’ paddling pool in the garden or a splash in the sea – both great ways to keep dogs clean, cool and happy on hot summer days!