Dog Fashion? Here’s A Quick Primer

You don’t need a special occasion to dress up your dog. Often, dog fashion is associated with dog shows and competitions. But fashion-loving pet owners everywhere enjoy putting the latest fashions on their favorite furry friends.

In truth, fashion extends beyond clothing. For your dog to live a truly fashionable lifestyle, you have to start with grooming and work your way to your dog’s furnishings and living quarters. Here are five fashion must-haves to help you get your dog runway worthy:

Grooming Essentials

The most important factor in having a fashionable dog is having a clean, well-groomed dog. Begin with your dog’s bath products. Doggy shampoos and conditioners are essential to keeping fur clean and soft.

After your pooch is dry, consider spritzing a dog fragrance into the fur. Both fragrance and dry shampoo are great ways to freshen up your dog between baths.

Don’t forget regular manicures and pedicures for your dog. Nails should be kept trimmed and neat. This not only looks better, but it makes walking more comfortable for your dog. Painting your dog’s nails adds a nice touch of color, too.


Dogs are beautiful in their pure form, but doggy fashion isn’t only about upping the cute factor. Dog clothes serve functional purposes, too. Jackets, jumpers and onesies can keep your dog warm and cosy year round.

Dog boots can help keep your pup’s paws dry while you’re out for a walk or when he’s taking a toilet break outside. Hats can help keep the heat in, but make sure you leave your dog’s ears alone when putting a hat on him, as they’re quite sensitive.


No canine fashionista is complete with a dazzling collar around her neck. From sophisticated leather to sparkling jewels and everything in between, the collar is one of the primary dog accessories.

Of course, all fashionable dogs own more than one collar. These should be changed quickly to coordinate with different outfits and occasions. Even when your dog isn’t wearing anything at all, the right collar can make a big impression.

Fitting Furniture

No list of luxury pet accessories is complete without dog furniture. Luxurious beds are just the beginning for your canine pal. Why not put a dog sofa in the main living area for your dog to lounge around with the rest of the family?

If you’d like, your dog can have his own room decked out with a wardrobe for his clothes, a bed for sleeping and a sofa for relaxing after a hard day of play.

Travelling In Style

Posh owners carry a lot of luggage when travelling, so posh dogs need their own luggage, too. Suitcases are available that are designed just for dogs. They include a soft, pillow bed in one half of the suitcase and in the other are straps for securing the food and water dishes, leash, collar and grooming accessories.

Fashion is a lifestyle, and your pet can live just as stylishly as you do. Now, your pet can be paws-itively fabulous wherever you go!