Protecting Yourself And Your Dog Against Other Aggressive Dogs

If they are not trained properly, dogs off a leash and away from an owner poses dangerous towards other people and their pets.

When people see a loose dog, they never know for sure if it is aggressive or not. And sadly, you will always hear stories about people losing their dogs because another dog attacked them.

Here are some key steps you should take to keep yourself and your dog safe from an unleashed dog, whether it’s dangerous or not.

1. If the dog approaches you slowly do not crouch down, stay standing. It may not look aggressive if it isn’t charging, but you still don’t want to make it easier for the dog to attack you.

2. If a dog does charge at you, do NOT turn your back on it. Do not try to out run it, because you won’t. When a dog is charging you, move towards it in big steps with your arms away from your body and raised about shoulder height.

The long steps and raised arms will be a challenge towards the dog, and will make you appear stronger, bigger, and meaner. You could also try making a loud, deep hollering noise. If you do all these things to a charging dog he may become intimidated and back down.

3. If a dog does succeed in getting to you or your dog and starts to attack, try your best to stay standing: It is harder to fight back when you’re laying on the ground. Use any power possible you have while you are still standing. Punch its nose and kick its legs if he has a hold of you or your dog.

If you do fall to the ground cover your neck as best possible, and try to keep the dog’s mouth away from your face. If you get the chance, grab one of the dogs paws and squeeze hard between the dogs foot padding – This could easily stop the attack dead on.

Never make assumptions that a dog will or will not attack you. Always be alert around a free roaming dog: They may be a cute-looking pet, but they still have animal instincts that could be triggered.