What Is Guard Dog Training?

Training dogs is a process through which you teach your dog the basic dog skills and proper behavior. You can teach him/her discipline, simple commands such as sit, stand, fetch etc. and obedience of course. Training can create a beautiful bond between you and your dog which you will cherish for life.

When you train a dog, you can teach your dog to pay attention to and respond to what you communicate. A trained dog responds when called. This is important to ensure that the dog is safe, no matter what. Training is also important to help them stay safe.

Among the first commands that your dog has to learn, “no” is very important. But do not start with it. Start with “sit” and then work your way up more complex commands. You should train your dog for at least half an hour a day and after that, you should play with him/her.

Guard dogs are trained in a more complex manner than other dogs. In guard dog training, a perfect balance must be maintained between care and discipline so that the puppy grows up to be a responsible and easy-to-handle dog.

For those who train guard dogs, the training is not just training. It is their passion. It is what they devote themselves to. They regularly analyze and modify their methods based on the latest scientific studies conducted on dog behavior and psychology.

Their attention to detail and knowledge make them excellent trainers. They love dogs deeply. They also have a deep respect for dogs. They follow a very thorough care regime for dogs.

These trainers believe that dog care and training should go hand in hand so that neither the dog’s health nor their heart is subjected to any kind of suffering. Both these things are even more important to ensure that the dog is healthy as well as well-trained.

Many people think that guard dog training is all about teaching dogs to bark, snarl, lung, and forebode. This is not the case. There are many reasons why dogs are trained to be guard dogs. A well-trained guard dog is an asset to the family.

The dog will do everything he/she can to protect the masters and their belongings. Having a guard dog is a great benefit. But you have some responsibilities when you have a guard dog.

A very appropriate way of describing watchdogs is to compare them to a well-oiled, finely tuned machine that protects itself as well as others without any kind of hesitation whatsoever. The bark and hold command teaches them to do two things – either bite or return to the handler. These commands are taught intensely.

Guard dogs can be had in homes, commercial premises, prisons, police stations and of course other government facilities. Also called protection dogs or watchdogs, they are trained to scare off any likely intruder. But there is more to them than that. Apart from basic training, they undergo more complex training modules where special commands are taught so that the dogs can protect themselves.